Android Change Keyboard Theme : Change theme, set custom image as keyboard's background

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Comfort First!

The inbuilt keyboard that come with your Android is competent enough with neat layout and dictionary support. But not everyone has same preference. You might be missing old Keyboard Appearance and Layout. Or you just dislike the white based keyboard. Well, you can change it! You can even set your pet dog's photo as background of your keyboard. This short article will guide you through the steps to change the keyboard's Appearance and Layout and how to set custom image as background of the keyboard.

How to Change Appearance and Layout

  1. Open settings

    Open your application drawer and open settings.

    Open settings image
  2. Select "Language and Input"

    From the list select "Language and Input" settings

    Select language and input image
  3. Select "Google keyboard"

    Here you will see list of keyboard availables. First list shows current keyboard. Select third option "Google Keyboard"

    Select Google Keyboard image
  4. Choose your theme. Or select myImage option to set image as background

    Open your application drawer and open settings.

    Select theme image
  5. Select and Crop Image

    You will be prompted to open gallery. Select image of your choice and crop according to preference.

    Comfigure Image installation image
Hola! you are done!


Android as it claims of freedom to choose, lets you to customize the keyboard. Play with different themes, customize the keyboard according to your unique preference. That's it for now. If you liked the article, share with your friends, comment in section below for any suggestions, queries etc.
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